The Science of Kavahol

Each batch of Kavahol is the result of several dozen individual tests on part of our suppliers and manufacturing partners, with a final sign-off from the State of California.  But we don't stop there-- we independently verify the results with a 3rd party lab to ensure proper dosage and kavalactone profile, safety, purity, and our guarantee that your bottle is completely alcohol-free (0.0% ABV).

We go above and beyond to set the standard for where things should be, and are thrilled to hear of customers like you staying informed to invest in their health and wellbeing.

Don't take our word for it-- view our latest test results for yourself here:

May 2024 (Batch #B50141):

Previous Test Results:

March 2024 (Batch #B31341):

January 2024 (Batch #BC2131):

November 2023 (Batch #BB1531):

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-Team Kavahol